Dear Community Stakeholder,

On January 18, 2022, the Green House Golf Academy will host the Heart and Soul Community Luncheon. This will be the first-year of moving Green House Golf Academy into a new phase of “Growing the Game of Golf Through Community Awareness and Opportunities for Diversity & Inclusion”. The event will be held from 11 am to 2 pm at the PGA West located in LaQuinta, California.

The American Express Golf Championship remains one of the most significant events each year in the Coachella Valley bringing well deserved attention to our area. The desert region of southern California has many charitable causes that depends on support.

The GHGA will be hosting a breakfast/luncheon to highlight the community and industry leaders who work to provide the needed support for many community organizations. At this upcoming 2022 American Express Golf Championship, the GHGA will be hosting a “special event” for approximately 50 to 60 special invited guests. Special guests will include professional golfers who will be playing in the limited field event. The special event will serve as a platform to highlight selected worthy causes such as workforce development, diversity & inclusion within the golf industry.

The goal of the GHGA is to assure the health and future of the game and industry of golf is represented by a more diverse population. Through its Golf, Education and Direction program (GED) program efforts will be made to positively impact some of the most important areas in the lives of those individuals who are underserved. GHGA will provide an opportunity to create a relevant, coherent and engaging environment for underserved minority students introducing them to the game of golf. Students will receive golf skills development during golf clinics provided by a PGA professional. Students will also be mentored beginning with their initial enrollment into the GHGA which will continue throughout high school, college, and their professional career. The student mentor relationship will consist of but will not be limited to sportsmanship development, character training, and academic mapping towards completing high school and admission into college. Educational activities will complement and/or enhance the training that is needed to be both physically and academically competitive thus leading to the potential of each student earning a golf scholarship for college.

In an effort to accomplish this goal, GHGA will host Heart & Soul Community Luncheons throughout the year in a refined social environment honoring various causes and business organizations who are leading the way into a growing, inclusive, and diverse workforce in the golf industry. As a part of our mission, we believe that our partners should be recognized as such within the community and will work to ensure their recognition through our ongoing media and public relations development. We strive to match like-minded philanthropic individuals, companies and synergistic organizations to raise resources to affect that end.

GHGA mission is to encourage and increase participation of underserved, underrepresented minority students through the participation in its GED program reflecting golf’s inherent benefits of exercise, time away from tech, honesty, sportsmanship and cooperation to those whom currently don’t know or see golf as such.